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Development Path

1991 Rising Sun
Huayi Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. was founded
Accumulate 1996
Production scale, technology research and development, capital accumulation has grown to 35% growth rate of rapid growth
1997 aspect of international
Push into the international market
1998 gangbusters
Rooted in the European market and a major expansion in North America
2000 Years of Achievement
Aspect of international market, has won widespread praise foreign
European standard established Kaiping City Plumbing Equipment Co., Ltd.
Through ISO9001: 1994 international quality management system audit and obtain the certificate
2003 heights
By the German Rhine company TUV-ISO9001: 2000 international quality management system certification
2004 all-powerful
Further expansion, the acquisition of Gemstar Italy Sanitary Industry Co., Ltd.
Fame 2005
Access to "brand-name products in Guangdong Province", "China taps industry's top ten brands"
"State enterprise credit rating AAA grade credit enterprise" and so on
2006 vigorous
Investment to build a building area of 100,000 square meters of new plant more flanges
2007 style remains the same
He won the "Guangdong Province"
North America CUPC products through product quality and safety certification, the United States NSF certified non-toxic
2008 flying gallop
Adjustment of enterprise development strategies, launch of the domestic market layout
Founded Honor electroplating factory, founded Honor casting plant, multi-plant completed flange, flange more bathroom Ltd. formally put into production
2009 persistent efforts
National testing laboratory established: R & D team to scale 60
2010 exhibition XiongTu
"Shine" series won the "2010 Guangzhou International Design Week" Cotton Tree Award
Awarded the China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association, "Chinese famous brand sanitary", "China Green Faucet" award
2011 glory
To enter the domestic market, creating national brand sanitary China
The first water port areas of celebrity endorsements of the wind, join hands to promote the brand star of Lu Yi upgrade
"Shine" series won the "2011 Outstanding ceramics industry cutting - edge list Product Award"
2012 wonderful writing
In May, Shanghai sanitary exhibition dressed appearance, the intelligent products shake Beach
In August, the national sales elite training scheduled terminal, terminal building, management further standardization
In October, "not have to buy the" national terminal sales in full swing, the growing influence of the brand, marketing strategy matures
2013 full burst
1000 m2 new national laboratories completed and put into use
Multi-series products won the 2013 product design competition Fair exports CF Award, Award gold hook industry awards
New bathroom furniture factory covering 40,000 square meters officially put into operation, a comprehensive strategy to upgrade full baths

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